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Everything about Mediterranean lifestyle: travel, lifestyle, living, enjoyment, garden, culture and much more.

Madeira sights, most beautiful places and destinations and insider tips

Madeira is trendy, more and more creatives and digital nomads are drawn to the island in the Atlantic Ocean, which belongs to Portugal. Because the […]

Marseille, the most beautiful attractions, how to get there and many insider tips

Marseille as the oldest and second largest city in France is a fascinating Mediterranean port city, international metropolis and village idyll at the same time. […]

Mediterranean living, furnishing, culinary tips and insider tips for the trip.

In our Mediterranean magazine blog you will find everything about mediterranean style furniture, mediterranean products from Italy, (South) France, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Maghreb countries like Morocco. Furthermore, also valuable insider travel tips or recommendations for accommodation. We also recommend here culinary specialties from these Mediterranean countries, which we have tried ourselves and found to be good.

Mediterranean plants and gardening tips are presented here, as well as culture and lifestyle in Mediterranean countries.

If you have a tip for us, we look forward to receiving an e-mail.

Yours Claudia and Siegbert Mattheis

About us and Ambiente Mediterran

In the summer of 2002, in a fragrant southern French garden of a lovingly furnished small villa, we came up with the idea for Ambiente Mediterran (you could almost call us bloggers of the first hours, had the word existed back then ;).

We love individual travel, good food, are passionate about cooking and interested in culture and people of other countries.

In our recommendations we pay attention to authenticity, originality and the most sustainable production of products possible, which does not always mean that this must also be expensive. We usually only give tips for accommodations or restaurants if we have visited them ourselves.

We are also committed to animal welfare (Claudia is a PETA member), which especially in southern countries does not yet have the status it has in Germany, for example. For this reason, you will never find us recommending foie gras, for example.

We are completely independent, passionate about dedicating our free time to this blog and happy to give you tips that help discover new interesting aspects of the Mediterranean countries.

Yours Claudia and Siegbert Mattheis